Entryways-Design-by-Loretta-Willis-530x397Foyer or an entryway is perhaps the most important part of your home because it is the first place a visitor comes across. There is a plethora of options available to decorate large and big entryways that can impart a unique character and style to the area. However, the choices are limited in case you have moderately sized spaces and it becomes a totally different proposition to embellish small or narrow entryways.

Decorating Ideas for Small Entry:

Following lines contain some fascinating decorating ideas to style small entry to your home.

  • Light up the Walls:

This idea is as simple as it sounds and does not require much of the hard work and budget. You will definitely have no space to drag in lamps but you can still install a pair of elegant wall sconces to add a bit of drama to the foyer. Both plug in and hardwired sconces are an invaluable space saving lighting options and also create a scintillating ambiance.

  • Rearrange the Furniture:

You can simply audition the dresser from another room to become a star statement piece in the small entryway.  The aging hardware and warm wood will induce extra character to the entire living space and will become a cherished focal point.

  • Adorn with Paint:

Another genius idea to embellish your small entryway delightfully is to decorate your stairway landings. For instance, you can paint the inner rectangle of the stairway in contrasting color in addition with hanging your favorite photos or an elegant piece of art such as photo to canvas painting in the center. This simple and novel idea will not take more than 2 hours to complete but will fill your entryway with color and character.

  • Create a Nook:

In case you have limited floor space, then you must pay attention to the walls. For instance, you can recess cabinet nooks in between two walls studs or surface mounted to create a customized yet beautiful looks. Furthermore, painting entry walls in bright colors will also welcome your guest in style in addition with adding beauty to the surroundings.

  • Remember the Floor:

You are sure to get bored by continuously looking at the dull and insipid ceilings of your home in general and your entryway in particular. Therefore, it is time for you to explore the world of wooden ceilings, faux paint finishes and ceiling medallions. All of these materials open the doors to infinite possibilities to embellish the ceiling of the entryway to create a mesmerizing and irresistible appeal enough to appease anyone.

  • Practice Minimalism:

When it comes to choosing a right artwork for your entryway walls, you have to decide carefully as this one piece will set the tone for entire home. In this regard, latest trends in the world of arts like canvas digital prints will allow you to add some current vibe to your foyer. Furthermore, you should also place such accent furniture close to the artwork that complements the vignette perfectly without diverting your attention from actual decoration piece.

  • Mirrors:

Nothing can surpass the charms and elegant atmosphere created by mirrors. Mirrors themselves are available in variety of beautiful designs and sizes and therefore, can act as a perfect decoration piece for any foyer, small or large. Furthermore, they will reflect natural light across the space in most spectacular fashion creating breathtaking and exhilarating scenery that will impart a new life to your somewhat neutral entryway.

  • Apply Wainscoting:

Other elements such as boards, battens and off course wainscoting are perfect for adding some distinct character and interest to non-descriptive and small entryways. They will create a great ambiance that will be rightly admired by the visitors. It is also a great idea to spice up the looks created by wainscoting by using simple yet attractive accessories to polish the look.

  • An Alternative to Wall Art:

Artwork can really transform your dull entryway into something spectacular. However, if you are the one who has nothing to do with arts and crafts, there are many other alternatives as well. One such option is to convert a former closet into an entryway. The geometric cut whose inners are painted in complementary colors will not only boost your foyer’s charms but will allow your guests to look directly into neighboring living rooms upon entry.


Your entry way, no matter big or small is your first and perhaps last chance to give a good account of rest of your house and yourself to new visitors. Therefore, you need to adorn it in most fascinating manner possible to make your house more attractive and adorable.

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Foyer or an entryway is perhaps the most important part of your home because it is the first place a visitor comes across. There is a plethora of options available to decorate large and big entryways that can impart a unique character and style to the area. However, the...